I hope you heal

Hello loves,

So this year has been a year full of intense growth. 

broken crayons still color. 

broken crayons still color. 

I am still here. Still breathing. Swimming in God's unending grace. I love loooveee the season am in.

I am THANKFUL.  I can truly testify that God has transformed my heart that was once broken  and am at PEACE. 

I need to write this to...

All the women dealing with the weight of the world, walking around with the brightest smile-yet hurting. Carrying everyone's else's luggage, yet when your bags get too heavy, seems like no one is there to help carry you. To the women dealing with depression, loss, heartbreak, resentment- I hear you.

I hope you heal. I hope you fully dive in the ocean of grace. I hope you know how valuable you are. I hope you know how important you are. That you are not alone. I hope you learn to take care of yourself first-before any man, before any human. I hope you become ok with being transparent & vulnerable enough to open up. I hope you get to fully understand that there is no pain, no hurt, no valley that God can't heal & restore.

To all my sisters dealing with what you feel is more than you can bear-keep standing, keep believing, keep swimming.

For with God nothing shall be impossible. Luke 1:37

If you are reading this & receive this, I pray you heal. I pray you find love wrapped in God's arms. I pray you stand tall. I pray you get to taste the freedom, love and joy am experiencing right now...the kind that comes from Our Father who art in Heaven. I pray you know that Jesus is interceding on behalf of you. 

I pray you heal. 

I love you. I got you. I am hugging you with prayers. 

A Healed woman. ❤️


(Feel free to DM/email me if you need prayers or someone to carry you through this season.)

Photo Credit @v_well 💜 in #Brooklyn , NY #commercialmodel